What can I do to help fight Breast Cancer?

This is the question that started Links Des Pink in 2007.  LaNell and Richard Melancon organized the first benefit in conjunction with Melancon Jewelers 25th anniversary celebration. Guests were invited to an afternoon celebration where a silent auction took place and the dragon boat made an appearance.  The Dragon Boat is made possible by the CAJUN INVASION, a team that travels competing in rowing events to promote BREAST CANCER AWARENESS.

Many local organizations along with Melancon Jewelers donated items for the auction and all of the proceeds, $1700, were donated to support breast cancer research. Many guests thought the idea was admirable and offered to help in the next event. A group of us brainstormed on ways to contribute more money to this cause and raise awareness.  We provide information, support & aide on Breast Cancer. Richard Melancon designed a custom logo to promote the Links des Pink awareness program.  The first annual “Golf to Fight Cancer” Tournament by Links des Pink was held in 2010 with the guidance of Richard Melancon and has become the main fundraiser.

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Mission Statement of Links des Pink:

To be an organization dedicated to providing awareness, education, research & care about Breast Cancer and other cancers to our Neighbors, Friends & Family, resulting in a healthier and happier community.

We are your neighbors, friends, and family who want to make a difference.                What can you do to help?


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Thanks for supporting a GREAT cause!!

Events we have participated in:

Pinking the town!

Cattle Festival

Bossom Buddies – Ladies Night Out

First Annual Links des Pink Golf Tournament

Donation Statistics:

Since 2007 until April of 2010

American Cancer Society   $9,050.60

Miles Perrett Cancer Center in Lafayette  $5,736.75