Links des Pink is excited about naming their new Grant program after someone who was so strong & such an advocate, Sharon Campisi.  Her memory will be carried on to help others. If you want to nominate someone please download the 3 page form and submit by mail, fax or email..

Sharon Campisi Memorial Grant

by Links des Pink Cancer Awareness Organization

P O Box 124 Abbeville, La. 70511

Phone #337-247-7465 Fax #866-770-8755 website –

LDP Grant Nomination Form

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Address __________________________________

Phone # _______________ Type of Cancer____________

Please share with us how Cancer has affected this

nominee and their family









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Sharon Campisi Memorial Grant
by Links des Pink
Cancer Awareness Organization
P O Box 124 Abbeville, La. 70511
Phone #337-247-7465 Fax #866-770-8755
LDP Grant Nomination Form
Date ___________
Nominee Name _______________________  Age ___
Date diagnosed & Stage _______________________
List other medical diagnosis: _____________________________________
Oncologist Name ______________________ Phone_______________
Home Health Agency  Yes/No
Agency Name ________________________
Hospice Agency    Yes/ No
Agency Name ___________________
Treatment facility & city, state________________________________________
Are you registered with the Miles Perret Cancer Services Yes ___No___
Current Residence Type: Own____ Rent_____ With Relatives_____
#of family members in household adults _____ children__________
Status: Married__ Single___ Widow____
Dates of review for grants    Feburary 15, April 15, Sept 15, & Nov 15.

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Links des Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Inc. is an organization dedicated to providing awareness education, research and care about Breast Cancer and other cancers to our Neighbors, Friends & Family. Links des Pink does not discriminate against any person because of their race, creed, religion, gender or age.